Ready to set yourself apart as an “Elite” PILOXING SSP instructor and take your PILOXING SSP career to the next level? Becoming an Elite instructor ensures your employer and clients that you provide the highest quality PILOXING SSP program possible. Many of our Elite Instructors use their new status to potentially gain additional employment opportunities, grow their class sizes and possibly even obtain an increase in pay-rate! In addition, once you pass, your Elite status is highlighted on piloxing.com.

We are looking for instructors who truly represent the PILOXING brand. The PILOXING office receives numerous requests from facilities every day wanting to hire PILOXING instructors. Since evaluating your form, technique and teaching ability during the full day certification workshop is not possible, the only way for us to know that you are truly teaching up to the PILOXING Academy standards, and to feel confident in referring you, is for you to pass the requirements needed to be an Elite Instructor. We truly wish everyone who takes one of our certification workshops would take their career to the next level and become an Elite Instructor, however, we realize everyone attends a PILOXING SSP certification workshop for different reasons.

There really is a need for Elite Instructors for all formats. If you are ready to take that next step to further your career, here is how to get started! You must complete the below steps for each PILOXING SSP format in which you are applying.

How to become an ELITE Instructor:

  • Step 1: Become a PILOXING SSP Instructor by clicking here.
  • Step 2: Become a PIA PILOXING SSP Instructor by clicking here.
  • Step 3: Teach One Signature Pilates Block and One Signature Boxing Block (long or short version) from the Instructor Training video.
  • Step 4: Download the application for ELITE and complete all necessary steps here.
  • Step 5: Submit the one time payment of $49.95 processing fee here.Your PIA membership must be activated.
  • Step 6: Submit all materials including receipt, application, completed exam and digital video* in ONE email to elite@piloxing.com. Write "Elite Application – Country/State – Your Name" in the subject line.

* Videos may be submitted via WeTransfer, Dropbox or another digital file sharing program.

Any questions can be directed to elite@piloxing.com.

Ready to take the next step? Apply now! What are you waiting for?

Elite Star

Ready to show your energy and love for PILOXING by helping to promote the brand with our Master Trainers and Presenters?

With the demand of the PILOXING brand on the rise, there are an increasing number of promotional opportunities for PILOXING as well as the PILOXING Barre and PILOXING Knockout formats. We may need your help!

By SPECIAL INVITATION ONLY the Piloxing Academy may hold auditions for Elite Star. Keep an eye out for auditions in your country. If you are invited to apply you will be asked to submit an application at that time.

We look forward to seeing you shine!