It's no secret that the face of fitness is changing dramatically!

Stiff Competition from Boutique Studios, the Millennial Mindset, and Technology are disrupting the industry and those who do not adapt will fall behind.

How can you compete? Group Fitness is a great place to start. When properly executed, group fitness increases membership retention, referrals and drive attendance.

Today's members demand more than exercise from "going to the gym," they are joining group classes for social connection and motivation.


In fact, some of the most successful health clubs have mastered retention through group fitness. According to IHRSA, the risk of canceling is 56% higher in gym-only members compared to group exercisers. PILOXING is the unconventional trailblazer redefining fitness and what it means to work out. Our programs meet member demands with workouts deeply rooted in exercise science while keeping a finger on the pulse of current fitness trends and new technology.

How? The Piloxing Academy champions professionals to realize their full potential as leaders so they can inspire others to health. Passionate leaders create motivated members. Add in three unique workouts with scientifically proven results, and you will see acquisition, attendance and retention rates that have real impact on profitability.



Socially driven programming that challenges you to achieve results.


Top 40 music, lifestyle components, and current fitness trends.


Pay for GroupX programming and earn additional revenue by retailing the popular Piloxing tools to members.


Virtual workouts anytime, anywhere, any device.


Open source HR monitoring and performance tracking wearables.

We would love to talk with you personally about how we can equip your club for success.