Zoila A. Galeano – Burbank, CA

A friend of mine who is a little scared to try PILOXING® once said ‘I saw those girls come out of PILOXING. They were dripping with sweat!’ I said, ‘Yeah, they had a blast. Did you notice the smile on their faces?’ That pretty much sums up PILOXING. You’ll sweat your booty off, but you’ll have a blast doing it. The only downside? You might need to buy a new, smaller sized wardrobe.

- Zoila A. Galeano – Burbank, CA
Rachel Rosas – Los Angeles, CA

PILOXING® has single handedly changed my life and inspired me in so many ways. The workout is constantly challenging my body and creating results! I have had a lifelong battle with my weight and PILOXING has been such a positive reinforcement in this journey. I’ve lost 60lbs since I discovered it, and the best part is that I get to workout and have fun at the same time!

- Rachel Rosas – Los Angeles, CA
Kristin Floyd Hurtado – Los Angeles, CA

In July of 2009 I saw Viveca on TV and something changed inside me. I sat up straighter and felt a shift in my reality. However, all of my expectations were surpassed by the intense level of inspiration, knowledge, and creativity I experienced in PILOXING® class. I have now lost ALL THE WEIGHT, and have strength in my core that I never thought was possible. I AM ALMOST COMPLETELY PAIN FREE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!

- Kristin Floyd Hurtado – Los Angeles, CA
Elena Daniel (Natalie’s Sister)

Natalie used to be 200lbs and she is now at 145lbs!! She has lost nearly 2-3 lbs per week and has reached 145lbs. Since she was a young child she has struggled with her weight and now as a young adult she is able to really truly enjoy life. She loves shopping now and wearing cute dresses and shorts and tops! With PILOXING® she has been able to transform her body and now loves to show off her arms, legs and tiny waist!

- Elena Daniel (Natalie’s Sister)
Ashley Dingess

PILOXING® has changed my life. It is the one program that has worked for me because I have fun doing it and it pushes me to my max. Viveca and her crew are so inspiring and make sure you feel sleek, sexy and powerful every time you take a PILOXING class. I have been taking PILOXING CLASSES for about 10 months now and have lost nearly 40 pounds and 6 pants sizes. 

- Ashley Dingess
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